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Bankruptcy Stops:

Garnishment of your hard-earned wages. Imagine opening your paycheck to find that 25% of your usual take home pay has been deducted for one of your creditors!

Levies against your bank accounts. How would you cope if all of your monthly bill payments made by check were suddenly returned for insufficient funds because a judgment creditor or tax collector had levied against your bank account?

Repossession of your automobile. If you are behind in your payments, are you able to “catch up” before the bank sends the “repo” man? By filing before the car is repossessed, you can force the creditor to accept your delinquent payments over time while you continue to make your regular payments and continue to drive the vehicle.

Foreclosure. By filing prior to the date of foreclosure sale you will have an opportunity to stop the foreclosure while you repay your delinquent payments spreading that payback over many months.

Lawsuits. The mere filing of a petition in bankruptcy operates to STOP nearly all collection suits during the pendency of the bankruptcy (except support payments).

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There are two very useful types of bankruptcy for the individual to consider: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.  Please check our separate page on each chapter.

Upon filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 petition, all the creditors listed on the petition are under an automatic restraining order which prohibits them from bothering you in anyway. In fact the Court’s order for relief, as it is called, actually prevents all creditors from even contacting you. Furthermore, in a Chapter 13, a cosigner, co-maker or guarantor on any consumer debt is generally protected from contact by the creditor during the proceedings. If the “co-debtor” has signed a car loan, for example, and you agree to pay the the loan as part of your CHapter 13 Plan,  the creditor cannot bother the co-debtor even though your plan may take five years to cure your delinquency.

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We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Act.

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