George E. Marzloff, Attorney

Call for a free initial consultation. In Virginia the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court handles criminal cases where an adult is charged with a criminal offense against a family member or a juvenile  and where a juvenile is charged with a criminal offense.  George E. Marzloff  has regularly appeared in this court for over thirty years representing clients charged with felonies and misdemeanors.

The Juvenile Court has jurisdiction over traffic offenses, misdemeanors and felonies for those under eighteen at the time of the offense charged.  For adults charged with offenses against juveniles or family members (as defined in Virginia law) this court can adjudicate only misdemeanors.  If an adult is charged with a felony against a juvenile or family member, this court will conduct only a preliminary hearing, as opposed to a trial, to determine whether there is probable cause to “certify” the case to the Circuit Court which has jurisdiction to try adult felonies.

Where the offense charged arises on school grounds, parents will often be faced not only with criminal charges against the student but possible long term suspension or even expulsion based on current “zero tolerance” rules on drugs and alcohol.   We also offer legal representation at school disciplinary hearings.

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