” So, you’re sitting in your office and in comes this mother [me] and says ‘ Defend my son because he’s good and really doesn’t deserve to be in jail’…..We are working every day to recover our son. God bless you…for what you do and for being the man that you are. ..We celebrate Christmas season and the hope of a good new year because of the acts from your good heart and the man that you are… Money can’t express the heartfelt thanks of my family and of myself”

” Thank you very much for all you do. …. Thanks”   C. & R.

” D. and I greatly appreciate all you have done to assist us out of this mess. You have been very patient and understanding of D.’s situation.  We never could have had this kind of resolution were it not for all of your efforts.  Thank you for believing in D.”  DGL ; BGL

” May this note express in some small way how much your kindness is truly appreciated.  Thanks you so much.”  T.B.

” Thank you for being in my legal corner Tuesday. You were an angel!”  J.D.

” Mr. Marzloff, you are a SAINT.  It is easy to see the worst of things.  No more questions, no more guessing–my words cannot convey my trust.   Thank you.”   J.H.