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Chapter 13 allows you to obtain relief from creditors while at the same time providing at least partial payment. It allows you to keep your property while you are paying creditors back and it permits you to modify some contract payments and to stop interest accrual on charge accounts, VISA, MasterCard, etc. Your plan can eliminate late charges and penalties and may allow you to extend payments on some of your debts (including delinquent taxes) over a period of time of up to five years.
Chapter 13 is especially useful to a debtor who has fallen behind in payments on his home or car because of a temporary loss of income but who could now meet his current payments if only he could force his creditors to take payments on his late accounts over a number of months or years. Chapter 13 allows a debtor to “roll” these arrearages into his repayment plan while he makes all future installments as they come due.
Chapter 13 allows a debtor to STOP foreclosures and repossessions. And depending on his income, it may also allow a debtor to pay his unsecured creditors only a small percentage of the amount actually due.   If you file a Chapter 13 and later become unable to complete your Chapter 13 repayment Plan, you may convert your case to one under Chapter 7.

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